Project Summary

Representative first wall/blanket design

The objective of this project is to develop an integrated computational model linking the materials physics scale with the component-level scale to simulate the thermomechanical response of the full first wall/blanket structures during fusion reactor operation. Phenomena of interest at the three modeling scales include:

  1. Fundamental properties (“Level 1”)
    1. Transmutant inventory changes
    2. Dose- and material chemistry-dependent PKA energy distributions
    3. Displacement cascades in isotopically-changing environments
    4. Chemical environment-dependent defect structures
    5. Irradiation defect distributions
    6. Tritium transport/trapping in chemically evolving environments
  2. Microstructural evolution (“Level 2”)
    1. Irradiation hardening, creep, and swelling
    2. Grain growth/recrystallization
    3. Tritium permeation and retention
  3. Component evaluation (“Level 3”)
    1. Integrated thermomechanical evolution of selected design(s)
    2. Design findings/recommendations

We will also carry out assessments of the uncertainties associated with various phenomena to inform the integrated models.

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Publications and Presentations

We’re just getting started. We’ll add papers and publications once we start producing them.

But if you’re looking for more information about our plans, here is a public version of our original proposal. Note that this version does not include scope changes in response to budget changes at award time.


Institution Principal Investigator(s)* Additional Personnel
UCLA logo Jaime Marian (FES, Lead PI) Abhijeet Gangan, Alan He, Shao-Ching Huang, Scarlett Liang, Lily Wang
INL logo Cody Permann (ASCR)
Benjamin Spencer (FES)
Peter German, Dewen Yushu
ORNL logo David E. Bernholdt (ASCR)
Paul Humrickhouse (FES)
Sergey Yakubov
PNNL logo Wahyu Setyawan (FES) Yucheng Fu
SNL logo Mary Alice Cusentino (FES)
Khachik Sargsyan (ASCR)
Stony Brook U logo Jason Trelewicz (FES) Yusheng Jin, Anus Manzoor, Spencer Thomas
U Miami logo Giacomo Po (FES) Abdulmohssen Abaalkhail, Harsh Dudhatra
U Wisconsin logo Izabela Szlufarska (FES) Dane Morgan, Rafi Ullah
Villanova U logo David Cereceda (FES)  

* PIs are listed for the Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) and Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) funding components, as appropriate. The first person listed is the institutional PI.

This project is part of the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program, and is jointly sponsored by the Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) and Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) programs within the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science. The project is part of the fifth funding cycle of the SciDAC program, under FOA DE-FOA-0002924. The project’s period of performance is 2023-09-22/2027-09-21.

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